Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in school...

Hello again!
I thought it was about time that I pop in and update my followers. Of course that is an understatement since I am WAYYYY over due to post.
Many changes have occurred in the past few months. I was laid off from my job and have not found another job as of yet. I have decided to (finally) get back into my graduate program. I began my completion of my internship with The Department of Children and Families and my Psychopathology course. I'm excited to begin school again and shift my life focus once again.
I'm definitely itching to get back into the TTC game but without a job and without health insurance I'm really at a stand still.
Mark and I are still together and doing better than ever. Aside from the job and health insurance situation I am quite happy with my life right now. I hope to find employment and begin TTC again before the close of the summer. I will turn 35 this year so my clock is ticking so loudly it's really becoming a distraction. hahaha!!
I know I have been terrible about posting but as I said in a previous post, it's difficult to maintain a TTC Blog when I'm not actively TTC. I hope that will change here VERY soon and then I can post on every little detail of my TTC journey.
Thank you all for being so patient with me and for following my journey.

Much love!!!